Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Little Things

KI has let a bunch of little things out sense Zafaria has come out...

The weekly giveaway this week is a hippogriff, one of the new mounts, and the giveaway shall be extended so that everyone who is going away for thanksgiving gets a chance to enter.

Two mounts have hit the crown shop. The Hippogriff and Crokogator are not new to people who have been in test realm, but shall no doubt be a big hit. I mean, who wouldn't want to fly on an oversized hippo that should not be able to fly!!

The Epic Bundle can now be bought online. This is nice because it allows people who could not purchase these due to store locations to enjoy these as well.

The design your own gear contest winners have been announced. Congratulations to all of the winners. The winning gear sets were nothing short of spectacular and included a very fiery outfit and an awesome space suit.

MOG is having a drawing for 30,000 crowns on Facebook to celebrate the release of Zafaria and there 1,500 like on Facebook.

My contest is over, congrats to Elizabeth Nightrider for winning. Here is her poem:
The yellow sphere illuminates the sky,
filling it with color, with life.
I hear the sound of drums nearby;
the jungle is awakening.
In the distance, far away,
is movement; the bushes rustle
ferocious beasts prowl and prey
The jungle is no safe haven.

Good job to everyone who entered, and that's all for now. So remember, don't let any shadow weavers into your house!

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