Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Spell Predictions

Theory crafting is an entertaining thing and I'm going to make my first blog list of what I think we will see.

Myth: Chimera
A chimera crawls out of the shadows and does a triple hit, one for each head. It hits each person and then the lion head roars and breaks two of each persons shields.

Death: underworld Gate
A mountain of rocks with an iron gate rumbles up from the ground. A faint wailing is heard and the gates shake. Then they slam open and a flurry of ghosts shoot out at each person and the total damage is divided and heals each player on your team.

Life: overgrow
A little dandelion appears in the center. It starts to rain but the sun quickly comes out. Then thorny roots shoot out and hit one enemy and heals everyone on your team.

Balance: Triangle Focus
A man is meditating on a thin pole appears. Then a blue string shoots out of his head and connects to a random enemies head and zaps them. Then he jumps down and punches a random enemy a lot. Then he jumps in the air and his purple soul shoots out and flies through a random enemy.

Storm: Squid
A rock in the middle of a stormy ocean appears. Then a bluish tentacle grabs the rock and pulls up a squid. It sits on the rock for a minute and then grabs an opponent and squeezes them.

Ice: Glacier
A gentle snow falls an ocean. Then the screen shakes as a giant glacier forms out of the snow. It then shatters and does damage to all enemies and stuns a random target.

Fire: Solar Flare
The sky lights up as the sun covers it. The ground starts to boil and fire shoots at a single target, and then the boiling ground damages everyone over three rounds.

Let me know what you think please!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just the Beginning

I have followed lots of blogs and have thought about starting one up but there never enough time. I decided to start one up now because I want to have my say projected into the Wizard101 community. This is going to be an interesting thing, having to constantly update and draw in fans. I just hope that I can do this for a long time and get lots of viewers! So I will see you later.